Talking Tom Heroes

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Tom Heroes.

Talking Tom Heroes: The Adventure Begins! (Playlist)


Introducing Talking Tom Heroes! Together they’re super friends and superheroes. They’re here to save the day!

Talking Tom Heroes – Beat the Raccoon (Episode 2)


BANG! The Raccoon Robber has busted into the library and taken hostages! Now it’s up to the Talking Tom Heroes to find a way to stop him in his tracks.

Talking Tom Heroes – Giant Bubble Trouble (Episode 3)


HELP! Talking Ginger and his friends have been captured by giant bubbles and they’re floating away, higher and higher into the sky…

Talking Tom Heroes – The Missing Hero Crystal (Episode 4)


Talking Tom and Friends must save the life of a beached whale. But Talking Tom’s Power Crystal is missing. DISASTER! Can he help his friends without his superpowers?!

Talking Tom And Friends

Follow the latest adventures of Talking Tom and the gang!

PREMIERE! Santa’s Phone | Season 5 Episode 17


Christmas is the most magical time of the year… Unless you’re on Santa’s naughty list, which the friends totally are! Now they’ll do anything to erase some of their most misbehaved moments and get back on Santa’s good side.

Tom the Guru | Season 5 Episode 16


All hail Talking Tom! His hot new grocery-based philosophy is changing lives. But when his followers start taking his wisdom too far, not even Tom can stop the chaos they cause!

The Incredible Super-Fan | Season 5 Episode 15


Talking Hank absolutely HATES the new video game based on his favorite TV show “Bongo & McGillicuddy”. He thinks the game got everything about wrong, and he’s determined to fight that injustice by any means necessary!

Alert! Parents in Town | Season 5 Episode 14


Wiggity-what?! A party without the MC? The popular entertainer’s become all serious because his no-fun parents are coming to town, just when Talking Tom desperately needs a host for his super fun party.

Talking Tom

Keep up with Talking Tom and his brilliant words of wisdom.

Smash a Snowman in My Talking Tom 2! NEW UPDATE (Gameplay)


❄️ It’s been snowing so that means… Snowball fights and building snowmen with Talking Tom and his pets! ☃️ But that’s not all! Watch this gameplay to see what happens when you tap the snowman… 😜 But watch out! ⚠️ If it gets too cold, the screen might get totally frozen. 🥶 Don’t worry – you can fix it! 💪 Be a pal and tap, tap, TAP to unfreeze the screen and help Tom out! ❤️ And want to keep Tom extra toasting and warm this winter?! 🔥 Dress him up in his new festive outfits! The reindeer onesie is THE BEST! 🦌😃

Wild Holidays in My Talking Tom Friends’ house. 🎅🎄


⭐🎄 It’s the most wonderful time of the year and your favorite friends know how to celebrate… They’re turning on the winter wonders in My Talking Tom Friends! Talking Tom and his friends have turned their house into a WINTER WONDERLAND! Watch the trailer and see! 🤔 Are you ready for delicious festive treats like gingerbread men and hot cocoa – WITH MARSHMALLOWS? What about a wardrobe full of fun (and super funny) new seasonal outfits? And is that SNOW?! 🌨️❄️✨ They’ve also gone ALL OUT on decorations! Play now and discover all the fun festive features in their house – and the backyard, too!

FINALLY: THE TREEHOUSE IS HERE! 🌳🏠 NEW UPDATE My Talking Tom Friends (Official Trailer)


📣 Talking Tom and Friends have built a TREEHOUSE! 🌳🏠 Climb up and play in the BRAND NEW My Talking Tom Friends UPDATE! 🎮 🤩 But that’s not all! From mini-games to special stories, Talking Tom and his friends have PACKED the new update full of fun. Here are a few hints: 🔵🎮 + 📸❤️ + 📅! Any guesses?! 🧐 Check out My Talking Tom Friends now and discover all the AMAZING new features in the brand new update!

🚽 Toilet Drama in My Talking Tom Friends: Official Trailer 3 (NEW GAME)


📣 The game you’ve always wanted is here! 📣 Talking Tom and Friends have moved in together and now… You can play with ALL SIX of your favorite friends in ONE AMAZING NEW GAME! 🎉

Talking Angela

Check out the latest fashion and lifestyle tips from Talking Angela.

Perfect Day with My Talking Angela 💖 NEW GAME TRAILER


Talking Angela is out to have the perfect day and she wants you to join her! 🤩 It’s time to GRWM! Are you ready?! There are so many amazing things to do! 💃 Fabulous moves to learn in the dance studio. 👗 Cool new fashion looks to put together. 💄 Crazy fun makeup to try. 📖 Premium stickers to collect in your very own album. 🎮 Mini-games to play. 💖🎉🥳  AND SO MUCH MORE! 🥳🎉💖

Learn the Spooky Dance with Angela! 🎃 NEW Halloween Update in My Talking Angela


👻 Whooooo’s excited?! 👻 Me too! What should we do first? Let’s dance to the new Spooky Song, of course! Follow the 🎃 and discover my BOO-tiful new Halloween dance stage. 💃🕺 And forget about TRICKS this Halloween – this year, I’m all about TREATS! 🧁🍬 There are so many yummy ones! Which is your fave? Marshmallow ghosts, unicorn cake, or pumpkin cookies? 😋 Let’s try them all! But that’s not all! If we collect all our special Halloween memories in the premium sticker album, there’s a SPOOK-tacular outfit to unlock. 🥳

☀️ Summer Beach Party 🏖️ NEW UPDATE in My Talking Angela


🐚✨ Find the magic shell in my new update and come join me for… THE BEST BEACH PARTY EVER! Let’s get dressed up (I have a special new outfit 😍), grab refreshing fruity drinks and yummy snacks, and dance, dance, DANCE! 💃🤩

⚡ Bathroom Drama ⚡ Talking Angela Cartoon Short


Hey, #LittleKitties! I was just about to have the most relaxing bubble bath of all time when my favorite bath ducky went missing! Who would have thought that a simple call from Talking Tom could lead to such big bathroom drama…

Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Mini in size, but massive in fun!

CRAZY GAMES – Talking Tom and Friends Minis Cartoon Compilation


From cooking contests and hide and seek, to skateboarding and selfies, it’s always fun and games when the Talking Tom and Friends Minis gang gets together!

Talking Tom and Friends Minis ALL EPISODES EVER


Things are about to get EPIC with Talking Tom and Friends Minis! We’ve got adventures underground, in the wilderness, and on mysterious islands. There are love stories, cooking competitions, and crazy fights. There’s celebrations, spooky nights, and even magic.

WACKY SPORTS – Talking Tom and Friends Minis Cartoon Compilation


Talking Tom and Friends sure know how to have fun! They ski, skate, direct movies, go on photo shoots, solve mysteries, and so much more!

Minis #45 – No Fun for Ginger


Ginger’s sick! But he doesn’t want to stay in bed, he wants to go to the beach. Will his friends be able to make him rest and recover?